Marketing Strategy

We’d love to toot our own horn by saying something like, “You found us, didn’t you?” But rather than boost our own ego, we want to excite yours! Marketing is all about applying your existing resources to the promotional opportunities that yield the greatest results, effectively increasing sales and profits, boosting your competitive positioning in your industry, and getting to most return out of your marketing investment.

The key to an effective marketing strategy is two-fold: knowledge and implementation.

Knowledge starts with research. Marketing knowledge in particular requires both internal and external research.

Internal Market Research

First and foremost is the internal research, the discovery process. We get to know your business as if it is our own. Our passion becomes your passion. Just as in branding strategy, we want to know what key elements, ideas and concepts you want to portray about your company and its products or services to your target market. We explore the essence of what propels/fuels your company.

External Market Research

Following the discovery process is the external research, also known as market research. The market defines your target. This phase is multidimensional. We will start with a study of your target market, and their needs and attitudes towards your products, service or cause. We then confirm whether the intended target audience is the appropriate group of people to pursue in your marketing campaigns.

Here’s an idea of what our research includes. For confidentiality reasons, we cannot share all the levels of research we perform. Therefore, this list simply scratches the surface of our in-depth analysis and market study.

  • What motivates your target market to take action?
  • What passions and desires do they pursue?
  • What are their instincts and impulses?
  • What is their level of intuitition and interaction?
  • What is their education and knowledge level?
  • What cravings drive their buying actions?
  • Our analysis continues to dive deeper from here...

Competitive Analysis

We will analyze your competitors and their related products or services. We will explore successes and failures in parallel markets and industries, to discover what it takes to be truly successful in your own market.

Actionable Innovations

A marketing plan is more than just a list of ideas. It’s the effect of a cause, an educated proposal, detailing actionable steps to be taken. During the marketing plan development phase, we will let our collective research meld with the goals and aspirations of your business, as we begin to develop a full strategy for your marketing plan. We will use the findings from our research to determine expected actions or outcomes of your target market. We will weigh statistics and calculate expectations. Most importantly, we will determine a marketing direction for your business, including recommendations for specific marketing tactics that align with the results of our research.

Setting the Plan in Motion

Marketing strategy doesn’t end with the implementation of a marketing plan. The best marketing strategies will keep you focused on the goals of continually increasing your business revenue and success. They will help you maintain success, and propel you to further advance your marketing approach on your own, or with our continued help through ongoing marketing maintenance and measurement of results performed by us. We can help you fine-tune your campaigns every step of the way.

"With effective marketing, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. The sky is just a milestone along the path to exploring the vast universe of marketing possibilities." » Scott Showalter


Our marketing strategy development service costs vary based on the size and location of the company, existing successes and/or failures, current market visibility, length of active marketing, number of campaigns/resources exhausted, number of products or services* (offerings) to be included in the market research performed and the development of the marketing strategy, popularity of the existing market for your offering, and the clarity or obscurity of your company and its offerings, as well as other factors.

On the other hand, the results are invaluable in helping you shift your marketing momentum towards a more successful direction. Don't wait to take this important step. Be proactive and get connected with us today.

* Note: Due to the dynamic differences between products and services, if a strategy is required for both, then separate marketing strategies should be created for best results. This provides valuable details for each type of offering. Each report will be priced individually.

What You Get:

  • An assessment of your current marketing strategy
  • Detailed market research analysis report
  • Comprehensive marketing plan detailing both:
    • Actionable marketing procedures and recommendations
    • Effective marketing devices and outlets for promoting your business
  • These can be implemented by your team or ours, depending on your comfort level
  • Proposal of marketing services we can implement that align with the results of our research
  • Tips to help you effectively carry out the envisioned marketing plan
  • Recommendations for added services we can provide for best results

Optional Extras

  • Personalized on-location review of the complete marketing strategy (call for pricing)

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